Taking photos is a great way to make a sale online or on social media and did you know most of the photos on jewelry websites that you see are retouched and edited to make them look more appealing and add pop to them. The pictures that your cameras are most likely not presentable as they have lots of imperfections. We remove those so your pictures look many many times better. Just check some of our work below.

We have expert retouchers on our staff that do magic with your standard photos. We color correct, remove blemishes from the metal, remove the background, add shadow, add reflection, brighten stones to make your jewelry photo ready for presentation. Try us out. The first retouch is complimentary.


Based on previous projects and our expertise, we have developed 3 different plan pricing to cover retouching services. Get one of our RetouchPaks to get deep discounts on every retouching. This is a monthly subscription service with no long term commitment. You can Cancel anytime and restart anytime.

1-4 Retouch

$12.49 each

5+ Retouch

$10.99 each

10+ Retouch

$8.79 each

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We are happy to help you with any information you may need. Send us your ideas and we'll give you more details about our work, or provide pricing for any special inquiry not included in our existing plans.